Selling a property is a major decision, so it’s important that you give it careful consideration and then commit to the process. Thorough preparation can make the difference between getting an OK result and a great result.

Your agent will help you with advice along the way, but the following guide will help you to get started:

Prior to listing your property for sale

  • Discuss your decision with financial advisor, bank manager and family.
  • Consider the timing of the sale. What will you do when your property sells?
  • Once you have made the decision to sell, ensure you are 100% committed to the process.
  • Follow our guide to Presenting Your Property for Sale.

Choosing an Agent

The right agent can make a difference of thousands of dollars and save you an incredible amount of time and stress. The agent you choose should be able to offer the following:

  • Experience and an excellent track record.
  • A clear and comprehensive marketing strategy for your property.
  • A database of qualified buyers and effective electronic marketing system.
  • A strong local profile and extensive market knowledge.
  • A professional and personal approach to handling enquiries and inspections.
  • A skilled negotiator working to get the best result for you.
  • Regular feedback throughout the sale process.

On the Market

  • Select your Agent and confirm the price and marketing strategy.
  • Sign the agency agreement.
  • Obtain copies of building approvals from the Local Authority
  • Present your property ready for inspections.
  • Agent conducts buyer inspections and provides you with feedback.
  • Agent negotiates a sale price to your satisfaction and presents you with a signed offer from the buyer.

Negotiation and Acceptance

  • Your agent will explain the details of the offer and make recommendations, but the decision of how to respond to an offer will be yours. You can either accept, reject or counter-offer.
  • Once you have accepted an offer, the agent communicates this to the buyer. Property is now “under offer”.
  • Contract is forwarded to settlement agents to prepare for settlement.
  • Agent accepts a deposit from buyer and holds it in Trust.
  • Finance approval and other contract conditions are followed up by the Agent.
  • Once all conditions are met, the sale is now “Unconditional”.

The Settlement Process

  • Settlement date is booked and transfer documents are signed.
  • Pack and organise your move.
  • Move to your new home by the settlement date.
  • Buyer undertakes final inspection with agent prior to settlement date.
  • Settlement is completed and your money is in the bank!
  • The Agent hands the keys over to the buyer.