Market Commentary - 8 October 2018

Comments from Craig Hyne on the property market in the Gingin, Chittering area.

Last week I read two articles on the same day that said the complete opposite about the WA property market.  The first one said the market is still falling and the second said it is on the rise.  It shows that you can’t believe everything you read.  The reality is, if we’re not at the bottom, we’re not too far off it.  If you take a long-term view, as you always should with real estate, it’s not a bad time to be buying at the moment.

You also need to look at where the growth is expected, and there are a lot of exciting things happening in and around our region.  The Image Resources Zircon mine north of Gingin is on track to commence production in November, bringing a lot of permanent jobs to the town.   The Northlink project is well underway, with completion expected by the end of next year.  This will make a massive difference to travel times to the city and the airpor.  At the junction of Northlink, Great Northern Highway and Brand Highway, is the proposed 150-hectare Muchea Industrial Park.  Combined with the amazing lifestyle this region offers, it’s all looking pretty positive.

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Market Commentary - 8 October 2018